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Residential Exterior Paint Job

Residential Exterior Painting

Paint your house exterior to keep your home looking great. Our professional painters specialize in residential interior painting and residential exterior painting.

How do I know when it's time to paint the exterior of my home?

Exterior house painting services are needed when the paint on the home's exterior changes color or starts to fade. It is a good idea to have the exterior of your house painted before the old paint starts to peel or crack to decrease the risk of damage to your home's exterior and to reduce the cost of prep work needed prior to painting.

Most homes need their exterior painted every seven to ten years but this can vary due to location.

At Bellmore's Finishing our experienced painters will do a great job painting the exterior of your home. We have the latest equipment and expertise plus we pay close attention to detail. We always do a thorough job from preparing the area to be painted to the painting work to clean up and we provide excellent customer service all along the way.